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Raised Dog Beds

Raised dog beds are brilliant in the garden. Dogs love having a comfortable place from where they can observe what goes on around them. The garden is a great place to do so as there is normally something going on. It might be people walking, driving or biking past or it can be a bit of wild life entering. Birds are normally looked at with a smaller degree of excitement than furry wild life. I once came out to find my Wirehaired pointer finishing off the last bit of a young rabbit. I also once saw one of my other dogs chase a cat across the garden. She leaped off her dog bed and set off in full sprint. She caught up with the cat and just at the point of the cat being very vulnerable, it turned round and whacked the dog across the face and nose with its paw and extended claws. So yes, lots can be happening in the garden and dogs love taking part in it all.

At Tuffies we supply just the perfect Raised dog bed for garden use. Below is a picture showing the height above the ground. The bed has a double skin so that there is still air under the bedding area for the dog, meaning that there is as much insulation as possible.


White Labrador in Raised Dog bed with Black Watch liner.

White Labrador in Raised Dog bed with Black Watch liner.

The raised beds come complete with a cosy fleece liner for comfort. The high sides provide draught protection, which is crucial outdoors. We all know what it is like when the warm spring sun starts shining and you start to feel cosy and warm sitting outside. Before you know it, you have got really cold feet and back because you got the cold spring/winter draught sneaking in on you. In our raised dog beds your dog can enjoy the sun rays while having his back protected from draught.

Further to this, the bed is lined with a warm, washable fleece, which is easy to take off in a few seconds by unhooking the draw string. The liner can then be washed in your washing machine and dries quickly and easily.

The raised dog beds are also good in the house as your dog is feeling slightly more part of the family life by being higher up, a bit like being allowed on the sofa.

Ideal bed to keep your dog happy and safe outside as well as inside.