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Where can I get Warm Dog Beds?

When choosing dog beds it is important to understand how your dog sleeps and where. Firstly, if your dog sleeps in the house, have you considered how cold it is at floor level and also how cold the floor itself is?

When you move around in the house with you thick, warm slippers and socks in winter time you may not realise how cold it is at floor level. When you put the television on you might put your feet on a foot stool away from the cold floor. In contrast, the dog beds are usually directly on the floor and the dog is sitting at 10-15 cm height off the floor where it is surprisingly cold. To get a good idea of this situation you should try and sit on the dog bed to check how it feels. Don’t forget to check also in the middle of the night (if you get up at that time) as it might be even colder when the central heating has been off for a while. And one more thing: if you have a slightly older house you may find that on stormy winter nights there is also a significantly increased draught by the dog bed.

If you find that any of the above is true, you should consider getting a draught excluding dog bed with various extras. The Tuffies nest beds securely keeps the draughts out and also provide a great option for the dog to EITHER have its head up, resting on the sturdy sides, watching the world OR snuggle down in to the depth of the bed, feeling greatly warm and secure.

If you have a little dog that feels the cold in particular, you may like to add a total cover in thick fleece. This makes the nest warmer and cosier for dogs with a short coat.

Tuffies also supply the Sock! This covers half the nest so that the dog has a warming half cover over him. A fantastic way to create extra warmth.

Lastly it is worth mentioning that you can of course create an environment that is too hot! A Labrador or other big type of dog with a thick coat may, if your house if warm, need a flat mattress with not fleece in order to keep cool enough. Maybe only in the summer time, but it is good to remember this.