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Dog beds for export

The fall of the Pound Sterling is having an effect on exporting British manufacturers with much more interest from abroad and rising export.

Here at Tuffies, where we are manufacturing dog beds for the UK market, we do not have a facility on line for purchasing if you are wanting delivery to go overseas, but there is clearly a rising demand. Consequently we are receiving an increasing volume of phonecalls and emails with requests from abroad from people wishing to purchase our luxury dog beds. The problem is of course that our dog beds are very heavy and substantial and they cost a great deal to transport abroad.  We have found that couriers are very expensive when it comes to volume and weight.

Nevertheless, our dog beds have such a reputation that customers more often than not, will choose to pay almost as much for transport as they pay for the dog bed in order to get it to them. We export a good amount, and frequently, to France, Holland and Germany, but we also send Tuffies beds to Japan and USA and other far-flung places.

It is great to know that dogs abroad are enjoying the hygienic dog beds that we make and that their owners won’t compromise on quality when comes to their dogs’ health and comfort.

We should probably go for a Dutch and French and German web site, but we are so very busy with the UK market that we are reluctant to branch out that way. It also follows that if we do send the wrong item by mistake, we have a bill for a replacement wiping out profit way beyond what we had earned. It is all a huge cost. So we often suggest to our customers abroad on Europe mainland, that it might be a better idea if they have their dog beds sent to a UK address so that they can either pick them up when they go to UK for holiday or business or they can ask their British friends to bring them over next time they come in a car. This is taken up by many, many British expats, especially in France.

As Tuffies grows and grows, we may one day set up a European affiliate, but that is another story.