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Dog Beds in GWCT Auction

Every year The Game and Wildlife Conservancy Trust holds numerous auctions up and down the country in order to raise money for research projects into wild life in our country. The research looks in to all aspects of how wild life survives and how their habitats survive in today’s Britain.

The background of GWCT is very much in field sport, ie hunting and shooting. If there was no hunting and shooting or fishing and no interest in working dogs in this field, there would be less interest in upkeeping the many habitats that support gamebirds and fish. It is a known fact that shooting automatically supports non-gamebird species simply because they live in the habitats made available and safe for game birds. Being a known fact does not mean that it is an accepted fact by the many people, who are against shooting. Although hunting has been with us for as long as man has existed, many people find it barbaric. In my humble view the large, driven shoots are simply pointless. They are unethical and the people, who shoot there are not particularly involved in nature when they are out for that day. However, a small day, collecting enough for the pot is very satisfying and a lot, lot more ethical than eating an animal that has been caged and transported in order to become food for us.

Being involved in many shooting situations and working my dogs in the field (by far the most on slow, walked up shoots where the bag is tiny) I see amazing wild life flourishing in shooting ground environments. It is here I learn most of what I know about wild life because I simply come across it and there are always game keepers present to explain what we are looking at.

My eager dogs LOVE a day out and once they are well trained, they are keen to help out so that the day is a success. It can take quite a lot out of a dog when they work all day. On the way home they always sleep in their bespoke dog bed in the back of my truck. The big truck has a funny shape inside, around the wheel arches and the dog beds is made to fit round this.

When we get home they all get fed their tripe and kipple and then slump in a Tuffies Nest Bed each.

At the GWCT auction in Grampian, North of Scotland, the auction raised £32,000+ and a Tuffies Nest was part of that. Tuffies supplied a lovely nest for the raffle.

The Tuffies dogs were also a “lot” in the auction as Glentanar has provided the grouse and we have provided the pointers to make the day a success.