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Dog Beds for Total Relaxation

We make the most wonderful and relaxing dog beds you can possibly buy. Dogs just adore being able to rest their heads on the side of our nests when they sleep AND when they are just relaxing, looking round the room to keep an eye on what is going on. We have three nests with full nest covers in the house and after the dogs have been fed in the evening they come inside. After a little excited running about, saying hello to everyone, they plonk themselves in the nests, resting their heads on the side. They look so funny, all in the same position.

Pontus often ‘melts’ and hangs over the side like a Salvador Dali painting. You would think he would strangle himself.

Pontus in his nest 'melting' over the side

Pontus in his nest ‘melting’ over the side

We get so many wonderful emails from customers with photos of how well their dogs relax in our best luxury dog beds. We put all the best photographs on our Testimonials page. This also helps other customers when they want to judge which size to buy for their dog and of course it is also nice to see that so many other people have found the Tuffies dog beds such a success.

Here are a couple of photos from our home with dogs relaxing.

Gollum half awake with his teeth showing.

Gollum half awake with his teeth showing.

Gaia totally upside down in her nest.

Gaia totally upside down in her nest.

It is hugely important to make sure you make dog beds with three main criteria in mind: Comfort, Practicality and Style. This is in the order of importance. Comfort is the most important thing to look at and we make mattresses with the same futon cushion inside as we provide in the nest beds. We make a thick futon out of hollow fibre layers so that the mattresses are pre-compressed and won’t go flat with dog use. As many dog beds just go flat after a few months, the dog is then basically lying on the cold floor without insulation or anything to keep them supported or warm.

Our dog beds ensure that the dogs are warm and comfortable.

Practical dog beds are for the owners in particular because after Fido has been rolling in fox or badger poo, his dog bed has to be easy and quick to clean. We have various options for easy cleaning dog beds. The Raised Tuffies bed is probably the best because you can quickly whip off the liner and wash it in the washing machine. If any smells have gone on to the plastic itself it could not be easier to clean them off. Our plastic bed liners are very similar.

If you need a simple mattress bed and need to clean it often, we supply a practical Wipe Clean option, which is totally waterproof and you can simply scrub it down with hot, soapy water. If you fit it with an extra cover, that can go in the washing machine. The Wicking cover is ideal for this.

Of course taste is different from person to person, but we have a great variation of cover designs to suit almost any household.