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Getting a Chewproof Dog Bed for Dogs, who Chew.

If you have a dog that chews his bedding consistently, there is help at Tuffies dog beds. We supply the only warm, padded, draught excluding and guaranteed chew-proof dog bed on the market: The “Really Tough Tuffie”. It is fair to say that this product, invented by Tuffies Dog Beds, has been a massive relief as a solution to the difficult problem of habitual dog bed destroyers up and down the country.

Dog Bed Chewing is Dangerous for Dogs.

Here at Tuffies we speak to many, many dog owners about their dog bed destroying dogs. This ranges from the teething puppy, who just needs to nibble at something to alleviate the itchy gums to seasoned, experienced dog bed destroyers.

The first few months after you get puppy home, he will, like babies, test and investigate things in his environment by putting them in his mouth. He will also find it a relief to chew a bit on something simply to entertain himself and to help the teething. If you give him safe toys and edible treats to chew on, you will give him the best chances of growing out of the chewing as he matures. It is well worth preventing dog bed chewing habits to be formed at an early age because once they start to get a taste for making holes in their bedding, they “know” what is inside the dog beds and they will make sure they get it out and create a  virtual in-door snow storm.

Even our Durasoft mattress dog beds are not guaranteed chew proof although many people find it sufficiently tough to defeat their chewing dog.

Some dogs do unfortunately end up with a habit at chewing beds and if they also swallow the fabric, thread or wadding, they can end up needing life threatening and expensive operations on their guts. We have spoken with customers, who come to Tuffies for help because their dog has been operated on more than once and there is simply a limit to how many times it is safe to do these operations. A dog needs something to sleep on and it is best if it is a supportive and insulating mattress, such as in the Really Tough Tuffie.

Why do some Dogs Chew their Bedding?

As mentioned above, most puppies want to investigate their environment by “feeling” with their mouths and to test what it is like by chewing on it. Most people, who have had a puppy in the house, have tooth marks on a table leg or the corner of the skirting boards, but the majority of pups simply grow out of this behaviour without making it a lifelong habit.

For some dogs, however, there can be several reasons why they chew their dog beds and possibly everything else in the kennel or the house.

Plain habit is one reason. Someone once explained it to me by comparing the chewing dog to a human with a piece of bubble-wrap. Some people just can’t resist popping the bubbles. Pop! Then one more: Pop! And so it goes on. Some dogs just nibble at the bed because it’s there.

Anxiety is another reason. Many owners find that their dog is absolutely fine while the family is at home, but when the dog gets left alone in the house, the separation anxiety starts and it is only alleviated by the occupation of chewing up the surroundings.

Boredom is also a problem for a dog with an active mind. Some dogs are much more docile than others and to some it is just not enough to have a half hour walk in the morning. They still want to be active and, especially if they are alone without a dog-friend, they turn to something to do, which can be either barking constantly or chewing up the environment. Some young and fit dogs can be almost impossible to made physically tired and it is a question of occupying their minds instead. There are many dog toys on the market that will help dogs with this, but if the dog bed destroying habit has set in, it is important to let the dog sleep in a chewproof dog bed while he gets mind-occupying toys to play with.


Training to Alleviate Dog Bed Chewing

Prevention is always better than cure and if you choose the right dog for your home and your activities, it should all be well. If you have a very active dog by nature, it would be best if you can fill his day, perhaps by having him with you most of the time. If you know that you are not going to stimulate an active dog, look for a breed that is less demanding. In either case, the right handling from the start will give your puppy a good chance of growing up without a dog bed chewing habit.

However, some dogs do have the bad habit for one reason or another and furthermore, many people also take on a rescue dog. Sometimes these, unknown quantities, turn out to have a bit of a chewing habit.

It might not be too difficult to cure the dog bed chewing if you have a bit of patience.

The most common reason for the chewing when you are away is anxiety, so here is a training method to work on it: don’t feed your dog normal meals, but give him treats in his bed (preferably inside a cage) and only give him the treats when you leave him alone. In the beginning you give your hungry dog a difficult treat to chew (a Kong filled with cream cheese is a good one). Give him the treat and leave the house for ONE minute. When you come back in, help him to take the last bit of the treat out of the Kong or simply take the Kong away. Repeat after half an hour. Gradually extend the time period you leave him for. The idea is that he starts looking forward to you leaving so he can have his treats. In the beginning, when you leave him for extended periods of time, give him a Kong with frozen mince, which takes a long time “to get out”. The idea is that your dog has a lot of work to do to get the food out of the Kong and he forgets that you have gone. In the end he will just be tired and want to sleep.

How the Really Tough Tuffie is Chew Proof.

The success of the Really Tough Chew Proof dog bed from Tuffies is not down to how hard the materials are, but simply how they are put together. The dog cannot get his jaws around the side of the dog bed and he cannot get hold of the middle of the soft bedding. If he digs a lot, he might manage to dig a hole in the covering, soft fabric, but you can change that easily. You can purchase the insert and stuffing and there are instructions how to fit it.

Cleaning the chew proof dog bed is also super easy as you can just scrub it with hot, soapy water and rinse it clean. The bed will last for your dog’s lifetime and the next dog too. All you have to do, is to put a new insert in the base. All instructions for doing that are here.