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  • Dog Lockdown Tips With a Little Help From Your Nest Dog Bed

    Working from home has changed our daily lives in many ways. We have had to learn how to structure our day, get out for some exercise, and use technology to keep in touch with each other. But how did our dogs’ lives cha..
  • The Life of a Guide Dog

    Audrey from Guide Dogs for the Blind Association details the ins and outs of training, matching dogs to the right owners and the importance of volunteers. Training Golden retrievers, Labradors and German Shepherds ar..
  • Jenna and Smudge – Long Dog Walkies

    A few years ago Jenna grew fed up of her job as a buyer in the oil and gas industry. After some encouragement from her family she decided to take a leap of faith and start her own dog walking business. ‘Long Dog Walkie..
  • Colin the Barber’s Chihuahuas

    Here is how two Chihuahuas at my local barbers changed my opinion of small dogs. I interviewed the owner, Colin, and discussed their contrasting hair styles, home life and the difference bringing your dog to work can mak..
  • Bruno the Therapet

    Fiona Watts found the perfect job for her people pleaser German Shepherd as a Therapet in the North East of Scotland visiting hospitals, care homes, airports and schools in search of anxious and vulnerable people. Armed ..
  • Grace and Tuffies from the Highlands of Scotland

    Grace Campbell runs a small, dog expert doggy care at the top of the north of Scotland. It is called "Hirsel", meaning a small cosy place, which is exactly what it is. And of course: it is all fitted out with cosy Tuffie..
  • The Wildlife Around Tuffies Dog Beds Workshop.

    As a rural business based in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, where we make the best possible waterproof dog beds, we have a great opportunity to follow the wildlife that is so close to us. We are NOT placed in an industrial e..
  • Which Dog Beds are the Most Comfortable?

    The best people to answer this question are the many customers who take the time to write in to us, usually with accompanying pictures, to say how grateful they are for their Tuffies Dog Beds. Dog beds are just commod..
  • Easy to clean comfortable dog beds

    Dogs, unlike humans, are happy to walk barefoot directly from the muddy garden in to their beds. We can do our best to clean their paws etc, but at the end of the day dog beds will get dirtier a lot quicker than human be..
  • Dogs Vomiting on their Dog Beds

    Almost all dog owners have experienced their dog being sick and vomiting. There can of course be all sorts of explanations for this and sometimes a vet is needed, sometimes the vomiting is just ‘one of those things’...