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  • Dog beds for cars

    Just got a new truck to transport my pointers. As always, it has a beautiful and enormous Tuffie dog bed in the back. It is a Wipe Clean Tuffie dog bed with a thick Fluffie Tuffie cover on it, which is easy to take off a..
  • Extremely comfortable dog beds

    ........but if you have hyper active dogs it doesn't matter how comfortable the dog beds are, they will still not settle and sleep. In the Tuffies household we have three German Wirehaired Pointers and they are FULL o..
  • Beautiful Dog Beds

    Obviously,at Tuffies, we aim to make the most durable and comfortable dog beds. We aim to find the perfect combination of what is the best for the dogs and what is easy to maintain and keep hygienic. This is why we ta..
  • Dogs Digging in their Dog Beds

    Why do some dogs keep digging in their dog beds? There can be several of reasons for that and almost all dogs will dig to some degree. One of the most common reasons is just a call from their natural instincts of crea..
  • The dog beds are needed at the moment.

    We have now hit the real signs of autumn and everyone has stopped worrying about their dogs  being too hot, it's now time to think about having good warm dog beds. It is amazing how cold it gets close to the floor, p..
  • Warm and Drying Dog Beds

    Having worked my pointers for a number of days in August during the start of the grouse season, I got invited to stay in the oldest lodge in Scotland for a treat last week. The deer stalking has started and I was treated..
  • Draught Excluding Dog Beds

    Try and sit on the floor in your house at night when the heating has gone off. Maybe you live in a modern, super well insulated house and your experience will be one of comfort. But then you will probably be in the minor..
  • Dog beds for veterinary surgeries

    Here at Tuffies we are often asked for the best beds to have when a dog has been through an operation. Having spoken to vets we know that the best bed for recovering at home after surgery is our waterproof dog beds, the ..
  • Waterproof dog beds

    Ahh, the RAIN!!!!  The rain is simply persistent to say the least. SUCH an understatement. We are rural and run a rural business. That means that we inevitably follow the seasons and know what is going on in farming. Th..
  • Really Clean Dog Beds

    We were having a little bit of a rant this morning. About, well, pooh. Here in the Tuffies office we were obviously talking about dog beds and about how to clean them. Or rather, WHETHER you clean them and how often. We ..