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Pointers away from the day job

Time flies and the shooting season now seems a long way away. Here is Gollum on his last working day of the season; picking up at Glenstriven Estate, West Scotland. It is nice that you can work the HPR breed both on pointer days and on simple picking up days.

So now there is other work to look forward to for the working pointer: We will soon be off counting grouse pairs on the Scottish moors and we will be training for some fun working tests (throwing dummies and get the dogs swimming). But from Gollum’s point of view, it is not the most interesting time of year. So I thought it would be good to look at the grey brain cells and get them going a bit more. Gollum already knows how to find my slippers on command. If he is in the house, asleep on his Tuffies Dog Bed maybe….. and I say “Where are my slippers?” he jumps up and does a frantic search for them.

And off he goes through the house:

It’s a great party trick and he loves it. He will sometimes come back with nothing and needs reminding that he was looking for the slippers. Then he is off and finds them. One by one, they are delivered with great excitement. He feels SOOOO proud of himself:

I wonder if he can learn to find my car keys too……?