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Tippex, the nurse, on Gollum’s dog bed

Just thought I would share this little moment: When working Gollum (and Tippex) in the deep snow at the end of January, I noticed a bit of blood spillage in the snow. I inspected Gollum and found a wound on his chest right between the two front legs. He wasn’t bothered, so we just carried on.

The position of the wound meant that Gollum couldn’t clean it himself, so it crusted up and looked a bit dirty that night. So when all the dogs were inside in the evening, Tippex spotted the troubled area and decided to help. This was gratefully appreciated by Gollum, who staid still while the long cleaning process took place.

Another interesting photo (I think) is one I took on the day. I have made an explanation on the picture below.

Finally, here is Tippex on what is not one of her great dog beds, but in certain situations, one must improvise….