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Dog beds should be hygienic!!

What ever dog bed you may own, you should make sure that it is a healthy environment for your pet or working animal. That doesn’t mean that you have to wash and disinfect the surface and inner all the time. Cleaning should be guided by common sense and in proportion to what the dog beds are is used for and whether several dogs from different homes are going to use them. For example, if you own a pet dog that doesn’t get too dirty, you can be quite relaxed about cleanliness around its bed, especially if it is a short haired dog that doesn’t devour the mud puddles as much as some dogs. A soft, cosy cover on a waterproof bed can be there for several weeks, even months without being washed. If it looks grubby or smells, give it a wash. However, you do need to be on your guards because even a short coated dog may unfortunately pick up fleas when he is out and about. Or you might have a dog that is developing house dust mite allergy. For those two latter reasons, you do need to be right on top of hygiene around your dog’s dog beds. At Tuffies we supply the Wipe Clean Tuffie bed, which is totally inert to pests. Fleas can’t lay eggs anywhere in the bedding and the house dust mites have nowhere to hide either. A wash down with a good detergent and very hot water will bring the bed back to its former glory. If you have a working dog that is out and about and, most importantly, meets a lot of other dogs, you need to be careful that his bed is always super clean. With a waterproof, tough bed that you can pour boiling hot water over, you will be able to kill any flees sitting on the surface. If he has been out rolling in the delicious fox pooh, it is the easiest bed to clean back to a healthy smell. A lot of people have our dog beds in the back of the car so that they can put the dog straight from the (muddy) walk into the car, where the dog dries up in his own body heat. Especially with the Wipe Clean Tuffie, it is just a matter of a quick wash over and towelling dry for the bed to back to pristine appearance and functionality. You can give both types of dogs extra comfort and luxury by adding one of the optional covers. At Tuffies we observe that around 40% of our customers use a waterproof Tuffie just as it is, while around 60% of our customers will have the waterproof dog bed, but also add a soft cover. Again, you have judge how often it would be reasonable to put the soft cover in the washing machine. Keeping the bedding nice and fresh might matter more in the car and the house than it does in the out door kennel as long as you know the dog is healthy. Any suspicious smells or signs of pests, get cleaning!