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Dog beds in the referendum

So there is now less than one month till Scotland decides whether to become and independent country or whether to stay together with the rest of UK. What does this mean for the Scottish dog beds? It is very difficult to know, but I would be interested in seeing how much damage has already been done in the opinion amongst English people of the Scots. With Salmon blaming Westminster of “bullying”, he certainly does not build bridges between the English and the Scots. What a shame. Why can’t we all just be friends? How can you even begin to think of a referendum when you only have about half the population wishing for it? I could understand if 80 or 90% of Scots wanted independence, then let’s have a debate, consider it, research it and finally vote on it. But when it is half the population, who does and half who doesn’t, then you are guaranteed to have a long and costly debate resulting in exactly half the population being disgruntled after the decision. On top of the big cost and of course terrifying consequences of the vote, the debate has made a lot of people angry and it has split up friendships. How sad is that?!?!

With England being Scotland’s biggest export market, how are we going to manage if it’s a yes? Different VAT? VAT to England? I shudder to think.

However, as everyone loves Tuffies, we will surely continue to sell dog beds to England whatever happens. And it is probably just a question of getting used to the administration of it all, except we actually need administration like a hole in the head to be frank. There is so much red tape to pass all the time and we don’t even deal with food or other health and safety sensitive products.

Or would it work the other way? In the event of a yes vote, would all you lovely English folk, feel some sympathy for Scotland and feel compelled to support our “export” and buy Scottish dog beds? Only time will tell.

In the meantime we, here at Tuffies, will soldier on and make the best dog beds we can possibly think of. It is a great privilege to see our products bought for the largest country homes and the smallest cottages in the whole of the United Kingdom.