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Allergy free dog beds

Having sold the best dog beds for about 14 years, we have learnt a few things about dogs and their sleeping habits. We have also come to realise that many, unfortunate dogs suffer from allergies. I have never owned a dog that was allergic to anything, but it must be very annoying and distressing when you see your pet scratch and itch and be uncomfortable when you don’t yet know the reason. There can be many reasons for allergies and I am not a vet, so I would not know them all, but like in humans there can be food allergies, which is something difficult to guess your way towards a diagnosis with. It would take a lot of experiments with “clean” food, ie not the dried kipple, which you can frankly not know what is for sure.

Some dogs also suffer from various allergies of things they come across in their environment, such as vegetation. Wov, how difficult will that be when your hounds are back from a long walk, all sleeping on their waterproof dog beds and then suddenly one of them starts to itch and scratch? How do you know what he or she has been in contact with and since the rest of the dogs don’t itch, it would be something that that specific dog is sensitive to. You have a long detective job to do then. Of course there is a common problem in the spring when the young nettles start to grow up and the dogs start running on them, getting stung on the soft skin between their pads. When you come home from a walk like that you will often see the dogs scratch and scratch their dog beds in order to itch the burning bits. This is of course impossible and the result is often that if you have an inferior bed, it gets ripped to pieces. With a Tuffies bed you will find that it will stand up to this scratching for a lot longer than cheap-and-cheerful beds will.

Then there is the dreaded House dust mites!!! Well here is when our superior dog beds really come in to play, especially the “Wipe Clean” Tuffies. They are smooth enough to eliminate any hiding of mites. No hairs can stick to them at all and therefore there are no hiding places for the mites. You can also vacuum clean them every day, which is especially simple and easy on the mattress beds. This means that you drastically reduce the mite population, especially if you also remember to vacuum the rest of the house. We have many, many orders that have come in because the dog owner’s vet has recommended our Wipe Clean dog beds for dogs with allergies. The beauty is that you can even have a nice a cosy fleece cover with your Tuffie if you have the facility to wash it at 60 degrees as often as your vet recommends. You can seriously help your dog by getting these products, so please have a look in our shop, look for The Wipe Clean Tuffie Mattress Bed.