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Cosy Dog Beds at New Year

Outside it has suddenly gone all frosty. Having “suffered” a very mild winter without a nice snow cover or gaspingly cold days, I am longing for some frost. Obviously with cosy dog beds all over the place, both in the house, the kennels, the car, the office and the dining room, there is no problem with a snap of colder weather because I can rest assured that my furry friends will be absolutely warm and snug both night and day in their great dog beds.

Our drive in front of the office has turned in to an ice rink. I am always the first one in the office and I feel a bit lucky that I parked where I did because there was a bit of grip from the gravel where I stepped out of the car in the morning darkness, otherwise I might have gone flying down the car park, it was absolutely sheet ice. I brought the dogs with me, snug in their dog beds in the back of the truck and upon seeing the ice behind the car, I was very cautious letting them out as it can cause injuries when they jump from the truck-height down on a slippery surface. I just grabbed their neck skin and softened the landing, one by one. This is one of the advantages of having trained the dogs to stay on their dog beds in the car till they are asked out one by one because in this example they might have all just piled out in one go and hurt themselves on the ice.

Anyway, they have a run next to the office and they were very happy to get out there wearing their little jackets to keep warm while they patrol the fence and keep an eye out for who is coming and going. It is nice to know that whether they are running about or lying snug in their waterproof dog beds, they are always warm and comfortable. Dogs are remarkably resilient to cold in SOME ways. When you think how they will jump into an ice cold lake without hesitation or run around the snow in “bare feet”, they don’t seem to be very bothered by low temperatures. But this is not the case when they sleep. It is really important to have a draft free place with well insulated dog beds for them to sleep for the many, many hours dogs do this. The Tuffies dog mattresses are very thick and insulating so that there is no sneaking cold coming up from the ground or floor. Further, if you have any doubt that there might be some draft in the house, make sure you stop this or get a Tuffies Nest bed with the high sides. This eliminates draft and your dogs can enjoy a warm, comfortable sleep on the best dog beds.

One thing I learned recently was that the draft in the back of the car (cab in a truck) can get pretty cold. In my truck I just have flat dog beds without sides and during the summer there are two windows open. I had not really thought about how cold it gets now till my friend sat in the back of the truck a short distance on a private farm road. He told me afterwards that it actually gets pretty cold in there. Obviously I just had to close the windows to stop the draft and the dogs are more than cosy now with the thick, waterproof dog beds to lie on over long journeys.