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Dog Beds for Smaller Breeds

Apparently there is an upsurge in ownership of smaller dog breeds. According to the Kennel Club, the small breeds rule the top ten of risers in dog breeds. For example the French Bulldog has risen by 529% in registered puppies in the UK. The smooth coated Chihuahua has gone up by 221%. As we know there is NO shortage of dog beds for larger dogs because we make tonnes of them, but there is maybe a convenience factor involved as owners think that a smaller dog will be less work. OK, they will of course take up less space in the house and will have less hair to shed and spread round, but apart from that, they do apparently need almost as much exercise and attention. Just because they are small dogs, it doesn’t mean that they will just all sleep on their top quality dog beds all day without needing any looking after. Seeing a few interviews with owners of both big and small dogs it is clear that the small dogs are not, in general, needing less exercise, on the contrary some owners say that the bigger dogs are less mad for a walk. The need for tearing around, hunting through everything has more to do with how they are bred, not the size. You see people living in the middle of London having a perfect time with a Great Dane in their house. The Danes are happy with a stroll in the park and a little play with fellow dogs, but they do not demand hours and hours of exercise. Owners claim that they “Don’t take up much space” which I must say I find difficult to believe, maybe it’s something you get used to. Certainly the dog beds for large breeds are bound to take up irritatingly much space in a house. We have a neighbour with a Great Dane, who lives in a small, two bed room house with two children. Lovely dog, it is often outside and will just plod over to the garden fence and look at us when I walk past with my five dogs. It doesn’t bark, just looks. To be honest I thought they might have castrated him, but no he is still entire, just a gentle giant. We supply the large dog beds for him of course.

The thing about small dogs is that they are often small terriers!!! Yes, and they are bred to be active and brave, mostly to disappear down fox holes or to kill rats. They are bursting with energy and go and curiosity and with that comes a bit of “deafness”. They can be a bit difficult to train as they just get busy with what they do.  There is also a chance that the new owner is not quite so strict with the puppy training simply because they are so small and cute as puppies. But you should not be deceived by the small dogs sleeping like angels on their small dog beds…. they are big dogs in their heads!