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Dog Beds with Head Rests

It is funny how important it seems for the dogs to be able to rest their heads on something. As we know, our warm dog beds are super popular and in particular our nest beds. When our happy customers send us pictures of their dogs in the Tuffie Nests, the dogs are very often either lying up-side-down in the beds or they lie with their heads resting on the sides.


Play time in Tuffie nest with upside down dog


Labrador in Tuffie nest with warm nest cover

Looking at our own dogs here, it’s definitely a very popular way of using their warm dog beds. They can lie in the cosy middle while watching everything going on around them. In our house there is obviously some eating going on from time to time and the dogs can comfortably lie with their heads resting on the side checking for crumbs dropping on the floor. Should a decent sized morsel land on the floor, they have their heads ready on the side to mark the exact spot and they can quickly get up and clean it off the floor. The odd peanut of cheese crumb is never, ever missed.

However, the need for resting the head up high as if they had a pillow is about more than watching for food spoils. It seems to be the most comfortable way of sleeping and resting. I observed Tippex when she came with us to the holiday cottage. We didn’t really want her inside, but allowed her after all. She is a clean little dog and she came in for the afternoon because she was all on her own. We had no warm dog beds with us, so she was EVEN allowed to sit in the chair. I couldn’t resist taking this photograph as she used the arm rests to rest her head. Not a particularly soft place for a dog’s chin, but it was obviously important for her to have her head up.


Tippex enjoying her time inside on the sofa

We do hear from time to time from our customers that the dog needs a pillow. Sounds ridiculous, but there is certainly a truth in it when you see how much they enjoy dog beds with sides. Although we, as humans, don’t sleep in warm dog beds, we would not like to be in a normal human bed without a pillow for our heads. Or at least I would think over 90% of humans use a pillow in UK. Maybe you can tell us otherwise?