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Puppy Dog Beds for later travelling

Spring time is when a lot of people would like to invest in a new puppy. Also, breeders tend to aim for planning puppies so that they can have most of the mess in the late winter and early spring giving them the chance of letting the puppies out in the sunshine when they are more lively and messy and inquisitive.

One of the first things you should think about if you are planning a puppy will be some good quality dog beds for him or her to lie in. It is very common for puppy buyers to bring one of their dog beds to the breeder in advance of the puppy coming to its new home so that the comforting smells from its first home can be transferred on the bed back to the new home. To be honest nobody knows if this helps the settling in, but we all believe this would be best for the puppy as it must be a shocking experience to leave mum so early and go to a strange home. A good idea would be to bring one of our Puppy/Travel Tuffies so that it smells of Mum back in your home. The Puppy Tuffie has to be one of our best dog beds as it grows with your new dog till he is an adult. The puppy version is simply a scrumptiously thick bed that your puppy will feel very secure in. Given puppy doesn’t chew the bed, it will then continue to be useful when puppy has out-grown the size because you can simply un-do the poppers and make the bed twice the size.

We make many great dog beds, but not any others that can double in size by a simple pull of the buttons. The idea behind this is that the unfolded Puppy Tuffie is now a light weight Travel Tuffie, which will be really handy to have in the back of the car where you are not needing lots of warmth and support, but where you need something that is not taking up a huge amount of your car space. When you go and visit your friend with the dog, they will hopefully say that pooch is more than welcome inside and you can then easily lift the light Travel Tuffie from the car to the house.

Your friends may have lots of great dog beds already, but I am sure your dog would want to stick with his beloved Tuffie even if it’s a bit thinner than his own dog beds at home.