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Flea free dog beds for the New Year 2015

We notice a high frequency of customers, who say that they got our dog beds recommended by their veterinary surgeons as the best dog bed they could buy. There are two main reasons for vets to recommend our firm, durable dog beds: Comfortable support and hygiene.

Firstly, many dogs are prone to arthritis in their older days and the earlier you give these dogs good support and warmth, the later the clinical onset of arthritis will set in and the symptoms will be a milder as well. Not only is firm support important, it is also extremely important that the dogs are permanently protected against a sneaking cold from the floor. Our waterproof dog beds are absolutely ideal for the above because we insert a futon mattress in each of our dog beds so that they stay firm and do not go flat. The waterproof cover ensures that the inside is not damp or wet, which would lose the insulating properties.

If you have an older dog that already has arthritis, our supportive dog beds are ideal because the old dogs with stiff legs don’t have to try and lift the limbs over deep, floppy beds. With these firm dog beds they can simply step on and step off without any trouble. Once on, they feel nice and secure in their bed from where they know they can easily get up without feeling stuck in the depth.

Secondly, hygiene is important for all dog beds, but if you have a dog with any sort of allergy you are really needing to get a bed that is easy to keep spotless. A surprisingly large number of dogs suffer from house dust mite allergies and these live on dead skin shed onto the bedding. To avoid this problem you want to have bedding that has nowhere for the particles and the mites to get stuck and hide. Our Wipe Clean Tuffies dog beds are absolutely ideal as they are totally smooth. They are super easy to wash in hot, soapy water and rinse off, leaving them amazingly hygienic. All hairs will simply fall off and the house dust mites have nowhere to hide.

When it comes to other delicious stuff like flees, our hygienic dog beds from Tuffies are also utter perfection. With nowhere for the flees to hide or breed, the creatures have no future in our dog’s kennel. You can keep the kennel perfectly clean and hygienic by washing and rinsing with detergents etc and that includes the dog beds. Simply wash the bed down in hot, soapy water and rinse off. As you can use almost boiling water, any larvae or eggs are history after a scrub.

Our anti allergy dog beds are now so famous that vets use them to secure that their clients go and buy the best dog beds for their dogs.