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Good times selling dog beds at Crufts

So we are back again, pretty exhausted after Crufts. We has such a good time and as usual it was brilliant to meet everyone who came to our stand. We find, every year, that there is a steady stream of happy customers who may or may not need any more dog beds, but who want to come along to see if we have any new products that would tempt them. Many of you come and tell us how happy you are with your Tuffies dog beds even when you don’t need a new one. It is hilarious how we may have new people looking at the dog beds and we are trying to explain the exact features of the products and then you come along and take over the speech telling everyone how great they are and how many years you have had yours. This is real testimonial evidence and new customers will trust a stranger in this situation far more than the people who are in charge of taking the money, in fact we are a bit too shy to add quite as many superlatives as you are. Thank you to everyone who gave up a couple of minutes to stop and tell fellow dog lovers about your great experience of our dog beds.


Being at Crufts was also important for us in order to see if there was any feedback that we could learn from regarding our new Durasoft dog beds. We first launched the Durasoft fabric in September 2014, so there would be plenty of people who had had them for a good long trialling period and any comments, good or bad, were eagerly anticipated. Firstly, there was not a single person that had encountered any problem, on the contrary there were a lot of people, who were thoroughly impressed with our move from the Woven Surface dog beds to the Durasoft. It has been a great move because we now offer a proper choice between the Wipe Clean fabric for people who definitely want to see dog beds without hairs sticking to them and which they can simply wipe off and then the Durasoft for everyone who likes their dog beds to be more like an upholstery fabric item, more suitable for indoor use. Well, the wipe clean dog beds are great indoors, but you know what I mean. The hairs also vacuum off the Durasoft in absolutely no time and it is downright amazing how well they appear after a good scrub down with hot, soapy water. They come up as new.


At Crufts we also gave everyone the chance to see our newest products in the flesh: the Tunnel Cover, the Nest Sock and the start of our Sink-in Tuffie. Both we and customers like the opportunity for everyone to see and feel the dog beds. Some customers would not like to buy before they have seen an item, but many, many people have of course seen the dog beds at their friends’ place, but, believe it or not, there are still some folk, who have never heard of our dog beds and when they come across them at Crufts, they are bolted over. Some, again, had found us on line and liked the dog beds, but just needed to feel them and see them for real before they committed. We did indeed once buy a competitors dog bed, which looked amazing, for the price, on line, but when it arrived, it looked nothing like the original picture. Ours do!!!! No, they look even better in the flesh….  🙂