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Draught eliminating Dog Beds

Along the theme of last week’s article, where we highlighted the sneaky temperatures in the kennel, there is more to be said about dog beds sitting in places that are too cold. If you have ever had the urge to get on to the floor and do some yoga or stretching, you will probably agree that there is a very different climate down there, but that is exactly where your dog beds are. I am sure that in a modern house you will find the floor warmer than in an old draughty house, but still. Warm air rises and cold air sinks, so there is always the best chance of finding a cooling place at the lowest place in the house. This is great for many Labradors and other hairy dogs that find our central heating too much, but beware of the quietly cold wee dogs. If you have an old house, you should probably get a bed with sides on, such as our Tuffie Nests. In a nest your dog can snuggle in to the sides and escape any cold air. The mattress cushion in the middle is also so thick that it insulates from even a cold concrete floor. You will also need to think about dampness in the room because if the relative humidity in your house or in the area as such, is high, you will not be able to avoid some condensation under the bed. This has nothing to do with the thickness of the dog beds or that the warmth from the dog is sneaking through, it is simply a fact that anything that insulates on top of a very cold surface will trap condensation. Of course it is a help to have waterproof dog beds because at least the dampness does not sneak in through the fabric making the dog beds soggy inside.

If you are aware of the floor level temperature being lower than up where your face and most of your body is, then think how cold it is in the middle of the night when the heating is off and the whole house cools down.

There is nothing wrong with giving your dogs pyjamas on and there are many warm fleece ones on the market. Equafleece has the best and they have been making wonderful fleeces for many years. So say good night to your small, or big, dogs on their dog beds and rest assured that they are warm and comfortable for the whole night cuddled up in their dog beds or nests with their pyjamas on.