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Soft or firm dog beds?

People, who have owned dogs for many, many years have probably developed a sense of what sort of bed is nicest for dogs and there is also an element of habit and tradition involved in the choice of dog beds. Obviously economics also come in to play with this, even though cheap dog beds are often false economy.

 Dog that cannot get comfortable in cheap, thin bed

The main concerns for dog owners are :

1)      Will my dog be comfortable?

2)      Will the bed be easy to keep clean?

3)      Will it be durable and lasting?

When it comes to the question of what is the most comfortable dog bed, we should really think about what we sleep on our selves. You often see bean bags for dogs, but would you sleep on/in a bean bag? I can’t imagine it would be comfortable to sink deep in to polystyrene beads in a bag. They must be too hot and sweaty. If I was sleeping in a bean bag I would go mad thinking of the unease of turning. You would be constrained in the claustrophobic depth of the bed.

 Dog getting really annoyed with bad, cheap dog bed

Think of your own mattress and how firm it is. Even the softest make of mattresses are far firmer than a bean bag. You almost float on top of it. The conclusion has to be that firm dog beds have to be the best thing for supporting your dog in his sleep. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have one with a soft top surface for a bit of comfort and warmth, but to get totally buried can not be good.

 Firm dog bed with soft, springy cover

The next question is how easy the bed is to keep clean. Lots of commercial dog beds on the market are light enough to be advertised as “Quick and easy to chuck in the washing machine”. This clearly means that it is a very unsubstantial dog bed if you can put the whole thing in the wash. The waterproof  dog beds that we produce are never to go in the washing machine, they can simply be hosed down from the outside. No matter HOW large a washing machine you may have, it will never be able to take Labrador size bed, but the cover that you can get to put on the waterproof beds can be taken off and washed very easily in any domestic washing machine. Hence the fantastic combination of a THICK dog bed that can be hosed down and a simple, little light cover that you can wash frequently to keep everything nice and clean at all times.

 Yellow Labrador in nest with nest cover. Easy washing.

Then there is the question of durability and here Tuffies Dog Beds also come in extremely strong. We test all our fabrics before committing to buy and we can confidently say that we sell the strongest and most durable dog beds you can possibly produce. The base product is a super tough cordura or acrylic coated fabric and our covers are the best and toughest you can get. All fantastic quality.