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Moving Dog Beds in to New Office

We are a relatively small business in charge of running the manufacturing and selling of fantastic dog beds, so moving the office 30 meters should not be too big a challenge. A few people carrying invoice files and chairs and computers and other paraphenalia should be a job of one afternoon. NOT. In fact, everything above, yes, except the computers. I was aware that when we started making waterproof dog beds 16 years ago, we only had one computer and more has been added and technology has moved on, but I was not aware of how complicated it had all become. Of course more and more has been added to the system, bodged on by well meaning IT experts and it has all worked ok. So as we have been making more and more great dog beds, not only has the work shop expanded, but the office now has 7 computers, a card machine, 5 printers and a scanner. These have been bolted on one by one and the amount of spaghetti at the back of our desks and on the floor is enormous. So I called in our great chap, who helps us with such stuff. I asked if he could assist in moving the offic e computers over to the new place. The conclusion to the enormous files was to have one hard drive, which you pull from on all the computers. Cloud was an option, but I have many thousand pictures on my files, which meant that we would have to pay a substantial extra amount to keep all these images in the cloud and it would eat up no end of our limited Giggabytes to get them there. We are rural and have satellite broadband, so there is a cap on it before you have to pay extra. Mike, the IT chap, decided we had to have one hard drive for all the computers. Well, what ever the experts say!! So we got that and it took four hours to move all my images, most of them of beautiful dog beds and strong dog beds for web site and advertising purposes, over from the holding computer to the stand-alone-hard drive. We are now in our new premises and it is absolutely brilliant. I had a 14 hour session in here last Saturday, making all the carousel photos of all our dog beds, such as luxury dog beds, waterproof dog beds and raised dog beds. I found it very easy to concentrate and get peace for what is a very creative job. Having had a Labradoodle, an Doberman and lastly and lovely, almost white, Labradoor modelling for me, I had a rich pool of material. Only obstacle was finding my way round this new computer and getting it all right. FINDING things can be seriously tricky. But we all feel very grown up now in our new office premises. Of course, we also have a nice selection of our sturdy and durable dog beds on display in here.