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Prizes and Dog Beds at Crufts

We had a fantastic four days selling dog beds at Crufts 2016, only last week. It is a delight to meet so many Tuffie fans, even when it is only to come round to us and wish us all the best, saying that Tuffies Dog beds are the best dog beds in the world. Literally, that is what many existing customers say. We never thought we would create a cult, but it almost seems like we have done just that.

The first day was the “Toy Dog” day and in fairness, it is not the busiest of our days. We tend to pamper for larger breeds that are hard on their dog beds and whom need really strong dog beds that will last a long time. Many people told us how difficult they found it when they bought their first Tuffie, overcoming the price barrier, but that NOW they know they made a prudent purchase because the quality dog beds we make, last so much longer than any other beds they have ever bought. An amazing number of people laugh at themselves, saying they have three times as many dog beds as they have dogs because they have one in each room for each dog. Some in the kennels and some in the car.


It is great to show everyone our sturdy dog beds and when we are at Crufts we get the chance to let dog owners put their dog in to the dog beds of their choice. We have a giant nest, which we sell for very large dogs and a couple came along with their enormous Great Dane dog, trying him in it. I couldn’t resist taking a picture as he looked perfect for the size. I think I am right that they said he is 80Kgs.

Great Dane in a Wipe Clean Tuffie Nest at Crufts

Great Dane in a Wipe Clean Tuffie Nest at Crufts

On the Gundog day BASC has a special event going on, showing real working dogs and Tuffies has donated a trophy for the occasion. It is a shield, hand carved, with a pointer and a woodcock. It is given to the best Hunt Point Retrieve bitch in the working BASC class and I am delighted to go along and present it each year. This year the winning dog was a lovely imported Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla named Zoldmali Sari. Ms S Grove showed her and won the class.

Winner of the Tuffies Trophy Zoldmali Sari. Ms S Grove

Winner of the Tuffies Trophy Zoldmali Sari with S Grove

We are at absolute breaking point at the end of the four days and I have the privilege of flying home to Aberdeenshire on the Sunday afternoon. It is always lovely to get home to my own dogs after having spent four days seeing all sorts of other dogs. My dogs were sound asleep on their dog beds when I turned up and were obviously delighted to see their master.