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Lighter or Heavier Dog Beds?

Deciding how warm the dog beds should be for a given dog breed, time of year and place in the house/ kennel/ garden is worth pondering over and to get right. We see a clear drop in sales at the height of summer because customers are busy with their holidays and the important warmth for their dog beds is not necessary when the weather is warm anyway. As autumn and winter approaches, sales go up again.


But it is important to keep an eye on the dog beds for all purposes. It is more like a jigsaw puzzle where all elements have to be taken in to account. So if you have a big hairy Chow Chow you really need to stay away from deep fluffy dog beds. The dog has so much warm fur that it would get too hot in a nest or a mattress bed with for example a Fluffie Tuffie Cover on. For those sort of dogs you simply need dog beds that are supportive and comfortable and as cool on the surface as possible, so out Wipe Clean Dog Beds would be ideal. The hairs don’t stick to them and they give full soft support without smothering the dog.Hatti in nest w sock copy


In contrast to the above, you might have a dog with a really fine coat such as a Whippet.  These dogs have a super fine coat and they are almost always slim without a fatty layer of insulation. These dogs definitely would appreciate any of our warmest dog beds such as the deep nest with only enough space for the particular dog to fit in so that there is no heat lost around the dog. In addition to just the nest, we supply the Nest Sock that fits over the nest about 60% across like a little roof that the dog can crawl in under. In there is the nicest warm area. The beauty is that it is so easy to take off to wash and of course it is great for being flexible as the dog can live in the nest during the summer with the sock off.


For these “shivery” dogs we also have the most amazingly warm dog beds for them to hide IN. We make covers to fit on the mattress dog beds that have a tunnel attached so that the dog can snuggle in under the cover and be completely surrounded by fleece. This is particularly warm and nice for any cold dog.


The fine coated dogs do however need an alternative and it’s fine with the tunnel cover because they can of course lie on top.