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Dog Beds for Spring and Summer

As the daffodils in some parts of the country are about to be finished and the bluebells are covering the forest floor, it is time to consider what kind of dog beds to choose for your dog during the next few months. As said before, you need to take the dogs’ coats in to consideration too, but it is now time to ask what your house habits you have for your dog. Some dogs LOVE the outdoors and dogs like Huskies are renowned for preferring sleeping on a cold floor, even outside, at all times. The dog might prefer to go directly on the cold floor, but if you can give him the option of sleeping on one of our padded, cool dog beds, it would be preferable if only to keep his coat nice and protected. A padding is also beneficiary for his joints etc because years of sleeping on a hard tiled floor will certainly promote the clinical onset of arthritis sooner if there is a risk in the dog genetically.

Alice on Wipe Clean bed in garden

Huskies are the extreme and most dogs will positively prefer a bed to the plain floor. The thing about summer is that it is so nice to be able to chuck nice dog beds outside in the garden on a sunny day for the hound to lounge on. I see my dogs, on a sunny day leave their warm kennel dog beds on their patio and seek the sunny patches at the bottom of the garden, where they frankly just make little grass nests to lie in absorbing the nice sunshine. It is a bit unpractical to carry three big dog beds for big dogs down in the garden and remember to take them in at night, but a couple of Raised Dog Beds would be ideal. Our Raised Dog Beds have a fitted liner that is easy to take off for washing, but we are considering making liners that are super easy to pick up and take in. When you want to wash a dog bed once a month or so it is “easy” to undo the liner as it is, but for picking up three liners from the garden dog beds every evening, we are aiming for even easier attachments. That way you could leave the beds permanently in the garden and just pick up the liner at night. The big advantage of the raised dog beds is that they give the dogs the CRUCIAL draught exclusion. We have all tried to lie out in the spring sun when the wind is still rather chilly and experienced that sneaking cold coming along the ground. The sun heats your body, but suddenly  you realise that you are cold to the bones when you don’t have a wind-shield set up.

Gollum in Raised bed

Even the skinniest dogs with the finest coats would love dog beds for the garden and the Raised Dog Beds have to be the solution. Watch this space for super easy liners.