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Dog Beds for Whelping Boxes

That was a busy weekend. Away from the normal world of thinking about dog beds, I was buried in the world of whelping. My German Wirehaired Pointer bitch, Gaia, was due to give birth on Friday, so I stayed around and during the last few nights I slept in a separate bed room with Gaia on my bed. During Friday night I was sure I would be woken up to be called on duty, but she just woke up, panting, every hour, but no puppies arrived.

I got up at 5am as I could just feel she was getting closer. I put her in on one of her favourite dog beds, the Tuffies Nest, and she suddenly, at 7am, produced the first pup. I did try to encourage her to go in the whelping box, but she kept going back to the dog beds she knows. Nice to see commitment to the brand, hahaha.

I spent all day, Saturday, whelping Gaia and we ended up with nine puppies. I had put my little order in to the workshop for whelping dog beds and I have a luxurious collection of bases, which are really just a couple of pet-bed pieces (just like our Fluffie Tuffie covers) sewn together back to back. They give nice support to her and they are relatively easy to wash (although they are big and thick), they are super easy to dry and they a soft and lovely. I also sneaked over in the workshop one evening, when nobody was busy making dog beds, and produced little covers for the pig rails. I thought it might be nicer for Gaia to lean against a padded pig rail rather than a plain one. I just made long tubes and slid them on to the rails before I fitted the rails in the box. It looks neat and they can of course be washed too.

I did manage to move her from the nest to the whelping box during the whelping, but I was momentarily in another room to do something and as I returned, she was busy putting the five puppies she had had by that time, over in the nest.

I removed all the nice dog beds from the room to encourage her to use the whelping box. Of course I don’t mind her using the waterproof dog beds to give birth in as I am around all the time, but it would not be safe to leave her with the pups in any other than the whelping box where the pig rails will help preventing her from squashing a puppy by mistake.

She gave in at last and is now quietly looking after her pups in the whelping box. She had nine pups in the end and they are CUTE. Here is a link to the Pups.