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Foam in Dog Beds?

Tuffies has now existed for 16 years on the basis of our fabulous dog beds is the futon mattress inside. We are famous for our top quality through and through, from the futon, which keeps its shape, warmth and thickness to the fabric that encases our waterproof dog beds. As we strive to keep making the best dog beds you can buy, we are constantly experimenting with new raw materials and have had our eye on foam as a filler for some time. We would certainly NEVER replace our futon inner in our mattress beds, but we might think about a foam mattress in our nest dog beds. The reason is that we need a combination, which will be soft on the top side, while firm enough at the base in order to keep the shape of the nest. Unfortunately foam has got a bad reputation because other companies that make dog beds tend to skimp on quality, using cheap foams that collapse. Also, because other dog beds on the market, sometimes claiming to be waterproof dog beds, often have an inferior covering that allows water to seep in to the foam, the foam beds rot and collapse that way.

Beware of copycat companies that make inferior products made to look like our dog beds, but they are only copycats and not always the great quality of Tuffies.

Because we only use top quality materials, ie totally waterproof materials, the dampness will not be a problem. The question of how long one of these dog beds would last if we made them with the best quality outer fabric casing comes down the quality of the foam. True to the Tuffies form, we have researched foams and foam combinations for a long time now. We have decided which foam is the best and we are now in the middle of our “Clinical Trials” with all nest sizes out with customers all over the country.

This is the combination that we came to in the end, a nice, firm base with great insulating power and a softer, high quality foam on top, which is soft, but according to the foam manufacturer, very durable in terms of holding its shape.

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We do not want to be the same as all the cheap and cheerful companies making dog beds cutting corners and cost, ending up with terrible products. We want to make the best dog beds and therefore it will still take a little while before we have the final result that we can put out there for sale. Watch this space as there are more top notch quality dog beds coming from Tuffies.