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Dog Beds on the Hill

The best way to take dogs travelling in the back of a car is with a good, waterproof dog bed with a firm filling/mattress. The one in the picture is one of Tuffies’ waterproof dog beds in fact it is one of the bespoke dog beds so that it fits the shape of the cab precisely. This cab has wheel arches protruding in to the space, but it is not symmetric as there is also a spare wheel tied to the side for easy access in case of a puncture. It’s all accommodated by these bespoke dog beds. Furthermore, for extra comfort we have fitted a machine washable cover, again in bespoke size and shape, made from our Wicking Fabric material. This is an open weave material, which has a lovely bounce and also helps when dogs are wet. Wet dogs with soggy coats, will feel nicely high and dry on this material because it allows the coat to dry out though the base as well as the top of coat when the dog is lying down. The wicking material is designed and used in off-road vehicles’ seats so that the driver does not feel wet and clammy sitting in their seat if they have been out on a wet, rainy day. Tuffies grabbed this material and have made a much loved cover out of it to complement their top quality dog beds.




At the moment I have to transport the pointers across the moors and it is really bouncy. If you have ever sat in the back of a pick-up even on a normal road, you will know how bouncy it is. The hill roads we sometimes have to negotiate are seriously bumpy and the car dog beds that the dogs are sitting on are really worth having so that all three dogs are protected from hard bounce.


Pontus must stay on the car dog beds most of the day

Pontus comes on the moor, but must stay on the car dog beds for the day.

During the day, you may also need to leave one dog in the car if for example you have a spare dog or if you have a puppy, who can’t come along on the full day. Pontus is the puppy at the moment and although he surely can’t be enjoying it, he does put up with being left in the car for hours, partly due to the great dog beds, partly due to the delicious pigs ears he is treated to.