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Washable Covers for Dog Beds

As autumn and then winter approaches it is time to think about how to tackle the problem of muddy dogs and dog beds.

Obviously there are no end of cheap dog beds on the market and they really are cheap. If you have a look on line, you will find “beds” big enough for a large dog for £10 – £15. Not only are they made overseas in the East, China most likely, but they are usually the lowest possible quality. If they don’t come apart at the seams, the stuffing will give in soon as they tend to look all thick and fluffy in the picture, but actually only contain a very small amount of stuffing, which will collapse as soon as a heavy dog lies down on it. The result is very quickly that the dog is lying on a thin layer of flattened wadding, which does not protect it from the cold floor. There is no support and certainly no warmth in the “bedding”. Wet winter dogs will also make this little mat soggy and wet in no time. After a walk in the woods, seeking out the puddles, these sort of dog beds are really not something to offer your dogs that are wet and tired. The floor level in your house is likely to be surprisingly chilly and a damp dog will not be safe health-wise and will not feel comfortable.


The best dog beds for these conditions are properly waterproof beds with a thick, firm filling that will not collapse. The filling must NOT be light and fluffy to start with as it will not hold up and the outer fabric really has to be a top quality 1000 denier Nylon with a top quality Polyurethane coating at the back to make properly waterproof dog beds.


If you can find thick, waterproof dog beds and in addition find extra covers, you are really looking after your dog. The dog beds will be insulating from the floor, not collapse and therefore give pleasant and healthy support. The outer, softer and removable covers can be machine washed in no time and they usually dry very fast, which is needed.


At the moment we are looking at nobbly covers, noodle type covers, that can really absorb dirt and wet. They are like a built on towel that the dog snuggles in to and gets dried on. This is at an experimental stage at the moment, but Tuffies already have several covers for the wet season. The Wicking covers are ideal for allowing a wet dog to dry up on the surface of the bed, feeling high and dry all along. The Fluffie Tuffie cover does also have strong wicking features and are good to wash, but will take a little longer to dry. Finally, the most popular and strongest seller for the Tuffies dog beds is the Luxury Fleece. Not the most wicking, so not for seriously dripping wet dogs, but very cosy and warm and it comes in increasing number of beautiful colours.


Dog beds are important for the dogs’ health, especially when it gets colder in the winter.