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Dog Beds in Modern Colours

It must be the number one priority to have top quality dog beds for our dogs and it is important to search for the absolute best dog beds in terms of warmth and comfort and practical hygiene. When you look for the best dog beds, there are many choices and it is clear that there is not ONE type that is simply the best. You have to decide what would suit your circumstances and THEN search for the best dog beds in terms of quality that suits your needs. You might like to wash dog bedding in the washing machine in order to keep it all fresh at all time, in which case a good mattress type with an optional fleece cover might be ideal, such as our mattress dog beds and Luxury Fleece. Alternatively you might hate getting dog hairs in the washing machine and prefer to use your waterproof dog beds on their own and not use any further fleeces on them. Washing the dog beds then becomes a matter of just scrubbing them down with hot, soapy water outside and rinse before drying them and putting them back with the dog.

Alternatively you might have a house that gets quite cold at floor level, especially at night time and you  might prefer dog beds that have a draught excluding surround to provide more warmth. In that case we supply nice Nest Dog Beds and they are extremely popular. You can wash the fleece that comes with the middle cushion (or if you hate the idea of washing dog beds and accessories in the washing machine, you can use the nest and middle cushion without the fleece on). We also offer a complete nest cover, which is of course designed to be taken off and washed in one go. This is a very good way to keep everything looking perfect and fresh and if you have had one of our nests for many years and it is starting to look a bit tired, then a full nest cover will extend it’s life for several more years, especially because our nest dog beds don’t flatten down.

So we concentrate all the time on making top quality dog beds that are warm and comfy and practical, but there is one more dimension to our work: Keeping colours great. Interior design is something that for some dog owners will play an extremely important role while for some people is so utterly irrelevant and when we ask customers on the phone what colour they want, we get anything on the wide scale from “Oh, colour, I have to ask my other half, I couldn’t possibly make that decision in case I get it wrong” to “Colour? Whatever you have available, my dog can’t see colours”. So in other words, there is a segment of our customers, who want dog beds in JUST the right colours and they have to be modern of course. There are in fact many different criteria that have to be met because you might want a certain colour scheme, which could be darker grey or black, but if you have a white and black Spaniel, you will see the white dog hairs on the dog beds from the minute the dog occupies the bed. So you might have to make a compromise between what is fitting your colour scheme and what suits the dog hair colours. You might have a mud loving black Labrador in which case the cream colours that we also offer might not be the right choice either.

We are about to embark on several new colours for our Luxury Fleece for the winter, so watch this space. We will take home fashion and dog hair disguise in to account when we choose.