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Dog Beds on TV

Last week I had the pleasure of showing my dogs on TV. It was five minutes on BBC Scotland, the Landward programme.

This all started because Euan Macillwraith bought a dog bed from us and I got in touch that way. I said to him that the BBC ought to look at game hunting in a different way and perhaps make a programme about it. He agreed, but then nothing happened for the whole summer of course as it is the closed season. Suddenly the BBC producer called me up and suggested that we go and do this. It all happened very quickly and I found a suitable place for doing a very small shooting day, purely over the pointers. Along we went with my shooting friend and the film crew. Everyone told me I ought to have Tuffies written all over the car and my clothes, but I didn’t really want to make it an advert for quality dog beds or waterproof dog beds even though of course my dogs were sitting in the back of my car on their beds.

Having seen how BBC operates, I am quite sure they would not have liked me to put dog bed advertising all over the programme anyway. When we had a cup of instant coffee at the end, the producer made sure the label on the jar was facing away from the camera, which did show attention to detail….

I worked the dogs on very little wind, which was difficult, but we managed to show how shooting can be done over pointers and how a modest shooting day for the pot is a very enjoyable one.

The game was taken home and we enjoyed it cooked later in the week.

The dogs loved the day although it was maybe a bit slow for them in the beginning as there was a lot of stopping and filming, but we all enjoyed being on the hill in fabulous weather. The sun was streaming down and we ended up walking in shirt sleeves.

The drive home was long as we had been in Perthshire, but it didn’t matter because we have luxury bespoke dog beds in the back of the vehicles, making it a restful journey.