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Post surgery dog beds

Hopefully one would not be needing perfect post surgery dog beds very often, but when your dog has had an operation, it is very important that you get the right firmness and comfort for the time when the dog recovers after the visit to the vet.

First of all a waterproof dog bed is good if there is some discharge from a wound. Washing waterproof dog beds and keeping the bedding clean is important due to infection risk, so as a start, a waterproof, even wipeable dog bed is a great advantage. Disinfecting the bedding should be done regularly and the Wipe Clean Tuffies mattress beds are ideal for this. To give extra warmth and comfort Tuffies also supply fleece covers for all the waterproof beds. These are easy to change and can be put on fresh and washed every day if necessary. If you are looking at big operations with a prolonged recovery, it would be advisable to have two washable covers so you have one in the wash and one to use.

Tuffies also offer a bespoke dog bed service so if your dog has to be in a cage for restricted exercise, it is good to have a comfortable dog bed that fits the cage exactly. This means that everything is neat and nice and that there are no lumps and bumps as a result of squashing the bed in to a space too small.

Finally, the comfort is absolutely crucial. We know that Tuffies sells waterproof dog beds to many, many veterinary surgeries all over UK. They are used to give the best possible recovery environment in the recovery kennels immediately after surgery. In vet’s surgeries the beds often get a little blanket put over them so that it is extremely easy to take off and change. This is because dogs immediately after surgery tend to be very still and not move their dog beds much. Once they feel a bit better, they will start to dig around a little bit and will soon take off a loose blanket. Fitted covers work much better for that purpose.

So in summary, if your dog is going in for surgery, it is a good preparation to have a well supporting and waterproof dog bed ready for the home coming. With washable dog bed covers in addition, you can keep everything fresh and clean. The thing is, this comfortable dog bed will be a great asset for the dog also when he or she is perfectly well and recovered. Good dog beds with support and durability is what everyone needs for the welfare of their dog.