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The Best Dog Beds for Sale UK

The best dog beds are the ones that suit your specific needs AND are made in top quality.

Here at Tuffies we make everything in top quality and then we provide our customer care to advise which type would suit your needs and the needs of your dog.

Perhaps you just want a padding for the floor that does not need much attention for keeping it clean and in that case our Wipe Clean Mattress dog beds are ideal. You simply put this bed on the floor and your dog has a supporting, comfortable place to sleep with full and total insulation from any chill from the floor. The Wipe Clean fabric has a smooth surface so that hairs never stick to it. This means that this has to be one of the best dog beds for sale in UK in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning. You will never see hairs stuck to it and if it becomes a bit doggy whiffy, you simply take the dog bed outside and scrub it over with hot, soapy water and rinse it down. It dries very, very quickly and is ready for use again.

The next one in terms of cleanliness is either the Wipe Clean or Durasoft Mattress bed, but with an added optional cover. The most popular one we sell is the Luxury Fleece. It is a soft, thick fleece, which goes on the mattress bed and is closed with poppers. It washes well and comes up like new at a 40 degree wash in the washing machine. Easy and cosy.

Then, if you are looking for the best dog beds for sale in UK for your pampered pet, you should look at our Tuffies Nests. This is a step up from the mattress bed as you get perfect draught exclusion and your dog gets what all dogs love: a den. Here you can also get both the Wipe Clean Tuffies Nest and a Durasoft. The features are the same as above in terms of easy cleaning, but because of the sides, there is more surface to vacuum clean or hosing down. Also, the cushion in the middle comes with a fleece cover, which you can take off for machine washing. This then complicates washing, but possibly gives you exactly what you want for your dog.

So from the above, you can see, that there is not just one dog bed that is the best dog bed for sale in UK, it all depends on your needs.

But, as mentioned above, whichever style and type that suits your needs, you should always look out for top quality through and through if you want the best dog beds for sale in UK. At Tuffies we only use the best materials from the stuffing, which is always a thick, supportive futon mattress, to the fabrics, which we have tested regularly for waterproofness and strength. Our Durasoft is a 1,000 denier texturised Nylon with a Polyurithane coating. Most dog beds for sale in UK are just polyester and they do not last. For dog beds that last, you need to look for a Tuffies.