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Woolly Dog Beds

We have been offered some delicious, fluffy off-cuts from local cashmere and woollen mills. It’s still sitting here in the office as we have been too busy getting round to make use of it. Our Tuffies dog beds are famous for being firm and made with a hollow fibre futon mattress inside it. This ensures that our dog beds will keep their shape and never go lumpy. We use that futon mattress in our nest dog beds as well as in our mattress dog beds. But we are very intrigued by this potential wool stuffing. If we used the loose wool, we could make a dog pillow type thing, which you would be able to plump up. In fact we did this in the past as we had access to raw lama-wool, but we didn’t pursue it as the wool was not washed!!! It really smelled of lama. The advantage of wool instead of synthetic would be that it is meant to be just that little bit more insulating. It is also just a nice feeling that your dog is lying on real wool.

So here we are, with our traditional dog beds that we are super famous for, considering making an additional product as a little duvet or a pillow. We would have to make it in a waterproof cover so that it can be wiped over for cleaning.

We get so many pictures from happy customers, who show us photos of the dog beds they bought from us, in particular photos of nests. Our nest dog beds come with a lovely, soft fleece fitted on the middle cushion, which you can take off and wash in the washing machine, but for some reason most users put in an additional blanket for the dog. This always surprises us, but it’s a sort of comfort blanket thing I think. However, a wool-cushion might be a nice thing to add to the nest for those dogs that like something extra to rummage around with inside the nest.

Alternatively we could simply make a well stuffed pillow with the wool, which would of course “go lumpy”, but would be good for plumping up. The problem with beds going lumpy usually is due to the stuffing getting clogged together and not able to separate when you try and shake it.

Basically this is now subject to experiments and it will be the usual Tuffie dogs that will be testing the new Tuffies dog beds.