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Comfy dog beds.

At last it looks like we have one dog that is not getting wound up about passers by. In all the time we have lived here with our dogs, it has been a set, daily pass time (or sport more like) to go nuts when a cyclist rides past the garden. The dogs leap from their comfortable dog beds and sprint down the garden along the fence line barking furiously. It does annoy me and it just isn’t good for neither dogs nor cyclist. Why, when they have both warm kennel dog beds and waterproof dog beds sitting on the patio, do they have to get off and bark?

Our new Pontus is, however, not like that. When I hear the barking and look out the window, Gaia and Gollum are racing along the fence line in the logical belief that if they bark enough, they will make the cyclist go away. Clearly they get the right result every time and it makes them feel very satisfied when the cyclist reaches the end of the fence and seem to be escaping up the road with his tail between his legs…. All along, Pontus is barely opening his eyes as he is just gassing on his cosy and warm dog bed. He can’t for his life see the point in getting so excited over a bike rider.

The dogs all have nice dog beds to lie on and in fact, if they have been out on long, long walks, they will still have a good go at the bikes.

I took them all to the beach last weekend and they absolutely loved the sea. I was watching how Gaia actually seeks a little surf on a wave. She would dive in to the sea and just wait for a wave that was big enough for her to leap on and she allowed it to take her in. Amazing to see dogs play just like humans.

They all really loved the beach and as it was on a Saturday morning, I allowed them to keep going. I did get a little worried as they just kept running till they were just little dots, barely visible. But they came back, flattening a runners nice Collie dog on the way.

As I drove home, they certainly enjoyed their warm, waterproof dog bed in the back of my pick up car after all that running and swimming.