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Bespoke Dog Beds

If you like nice things, you will probably like the idea of your dog beds fitting beautifully in to whatever space you have allocated to your dogs. Especially if you have opted and invested in one of our top quality dog beds that has a thick and supportive futon mattress inside it. Thick dog beds are not so easy to bend and they tend to look messy if they don’t quite fit in to their space.

Here at Tuffies we can make just about any size of mattress dog bed that you may want. So if you for example want to fit a dog bed in to a special transport box, we can make the bed to fit. All you have to do is to measure your space and tell us what it is so that we can give you a quote for the dog bed.  Philippa Hughes did just that and sent us a photo of her beautiful agility dogs in her car transport box. She wrote:

Hi Team Tuffies,
Attached is a photo of my agility Lurcher, Tansy with Tig, (a wee JRT rescue pup and agility wannabe) trying out their new bespoke Tuffies Durasoft mattress. They certainly approve!
Kind regards,


Philippa Hughes' dogs in the bespoke dog bed in her car.

Philippa Hughes’ dogs in the bespoke dog bed in her car.

It seems that many of our customers make space for their dog beds under the kitchen work tops. That way the waterproof dog beds are out of the way and the dogs obviously enjoy that they can be near their masters in the kitchen. And, even better, they can spy any crumbs or scraps falling on the floor during food preparations.

You can, if you want to consider the details in terms of hygiene, whether you want a Durasoft or a Wipe Clean bed. The Durasoft is very strong and a good stable bed, while the Wipe Clean is easier to keep hygienic.

You can also have a cover put on the bed, which you can take off and wash in the washing machine. We make all the bespoke dog beds with an option of extra covers. The Luxury Fleece cover being the most popular. Here is a photo emailed in by Judi Gunning. She had a bespoke dog bed made to fit in this little alcove.