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From Puppy Dog Beds to Big Dog beds

Nothing is more delicious than taking the new little puppy home. It is almost like taking the new baby home from hospital as you kind of set aside everything else in your normal, busy life and devote the day to take in this next chapter where the new little being is going to be part of your future life and your house. You reluctantly let go of the puppy in your lap and place it on the puppy dog bed that you have bought in advance in order to give him a little time to sleep on his own. You might even have left the new, soft dog bed with the puppy’s siblings for a while to bring the smell home with you. Friends come round to see the new arrival and there is no end to the warmth and excitement. You will always remember this day as a very special day.

You have most likely got a crate for your new puppy. The ideal puppy dog bed to have in there, is the Tuffies Puppy/Travel Tuffie. The clever thing about this dog bed is that it starts off as small and exceptionally soft and cuddly, fitting your infant exactly. It is a thin, waterproof dog bed with a beautiful, thick fleece cover, which you can take off for washing. The cover washes and dries very quickly, so if puppy has an accident it is swiftly dealt with. The best trick about this dog bed is that it is designed to be opened up to double the size once puppy has grown out of it. There is very little point in buying a dog bed small enough for a puppy, when it will only be used for perhaps three months. With the Puppy/Travel Tuffie, you will find that this bed is useful, especially in the car, as a light travel mat for years to come.

Pontus, the GWP, was 26Kgs at six months old and 30Kgs at 12 months. This shows how fast they grow into almost adult size, where they will need a bigger bed.

As a folded-out bed this is very practical solution because it won’t fill up your boot so you can’t get much else in. It is not a permanent dog bed because it does not give nearly the support that our Tuffies Mattress dog beds give, but it is fine for a week away or during the daily trip somewhere, maybe to come with you to work or the long, muddy walk.

As you progress and puppy becomes a big, adult dog, you may like to offer him a more cosy and draught proof nest dog bed. This is especially welcomed for dogs in any kind of cold or draughty room. The Nest dog beds provide security and warmth at the same time.