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Dog Beds for the Summer

Just like when we kick the heavy, high TOG, winter duvet off and eventually put it away for the summer, our dogs are also benefiting from a lighter version of their dog beds during the warm summers. Should a dog get really hot during the night, he will of course just flop on to the cool floor and be happy, but the truth is that he will be better on a supportive dog bed if you can get him one that gives him the right amount of freshness during the summer.

If your dog is treated to a Tuffie nest usually, he might find that it is a bit hot and a plain mattress bed in Durasoft or Wipe Clean is likely to give him just the right sort of dog bed, where he is supported and comfortable, but not smothered in heat. It might seem a bit extravagant, but to give the dog the choice of bedding is a good idea and at the end of the day, dogs spend an awful lot of time on their beds, so dog beds are an essential part of dog owners’ equipment with little else of much importance. Just the food, food bowl, lead and collar seem to be what is needed. Dogs are not demanding creatures, but they do spend all their idle time on their dog beds, so they deserve the best.

You might have one of the mattress beds with a warm, cosy Luxury Fleece cover, which is fantastic for winter use and all you need to do is to take the cover off, wash it and leave it off for the summer. Your dog then has a cool place to sleep if he is hot.

For travelling in the holiday period, the Tuffies Puppy Tuffie/ Travel Tuffie is ideal. First you can of course use it as a puppy bed, but it is designed to be folded out to double size when puppy has grown. In the out-folded version it is light and easy to put in the back of the car and take along with the dog. You can take it to the holiday house or friends’ and again, you can use it with or without the Luxury Fleece cover depending on the weather.

Finally, most dogs prefer to be outside on their dog beds and when the weather permits this, they love to spend the whole day outside. If you give them a comfortable bed, it is best for them. There might be a sneaking cold draught, so it is advisable to still have a dog bed with sides on. The Tuffies Raised Bed is fantastic for this. The warm liner makes it cosy and the surrounding walls give draught protection.  Just perfect.