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Brilliant Dog Beds

…….are made to last and they are made just like brilliant cars and brilliant pianos: quality ALL the way through, starting from the inside. There are dog beds out there with very little value because they simply look pretty and fluffy, but when your dog uses them, they soon reveal that there is not much substance and that they are all looks and no quality. Many bad products hide what goes on at the inside and it is only in the short use of them that you realise how important the back-bone of the item is and how important the unseen quality can be.

The dog beds made by Tuffies are quietly brilliant. At Tuffies each dog bed for dogs to sleep and rest on are made with unrestricted attention to the quality details right from the inside and all the way out. We start off by making the “stuffing”, which is actually a misleading term because we don’t STUFF the dog beds, we produce a standalone futon mattress, which is then covered. This means that the inside of each of our fantastic dog beds is able to hold its own and won’t disintegrate or go flat. When your dog uses a Tuffies dog bed, he won’t find that in a few weeks all the stuffing has migrated out to the sides. He will be enjoying top quality because the futon mattress holds its shape. Just like our own mattress (the human one you sleep on), our dog beds are firm, but very supportive and perfectly insulating instead of being of the smothering kind. If you imagine a dog’s natural den, it would have a firm base covered with a little bit of grass and plants and feel just like our mattress. Well, never quite a lovely as a Tuffies dog bed mattress, but the same principle. The den will have sides just like our Tuffies nest dog beds, providing total draught exclusion and of course a sense of security. In the wild a dog will feel more secure with solid walls round him (from where no enemies of predators could suddenly appear). This appeals to the domestic dog’s natural instincts.

Many dog owners start off with the new dog or the puppy being trained to stay in a cage till they are “safe” from chewing the furniture and till they are fully house trained and accustomed to being left on their own for short times. We often speak to customers, who seem slightly embarrassed that they “keep the dog in a crate”, but if you train the dog or puppy in the right way so he is not “shoved in the crate” for prolonged and unnecessary periods of time and if he has a lovely made to measure dog bed with a good futon mattress inside, he will LOVE his crate, especially if you put a blanket over the crate to make it feel even more like a den. You will actually find that the dog seeks the crate and even prefers the crate to a dog bed sitting out on the floor. You will often find that in time you take the crate away and the dog is perfectly happy to have a good quality dog bed, especially a nest dog bed on the floor, enjoying life as being in the midst of the family. But then, here comes dog number 2 for the household, often as a puppy, and is given the old crate. What happens? The old dog is delighted to see his crate reappear and goes straight in there, sharing it with the new puppy.

Where ever you keep your dogs, just make sure that they have great dog beds made with quality as number one priority and “prettyness” as second. Here at Tuffies we can of course handle both and we take great care, not only with the futon mattress inside, but also with the waterproof dog bed covers. More of that later.