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The Absolute Best Dog Beds

….. are the ones with flexibility. If, for instance, you want a dog bed that can be a simple, waterproof dog bed in the warm summer and a cosy, snug dog bed in the winter, you can use the Tuffies waterproof dog beds on their own or fitted with covers. There are two types to choose from: You can get the Wipe Clean mattress, which is an exceedingly easy to clean dog bed by simply scrubbing it with hot, soapy water, rinse off and towel dry OR you can, if there is just a smaller accident on the bed, spray it with a normal household cleaner and wipe. No hairs will ever stick to the Wipe Clean fabric dog beds, so if you have a dog that casts a lot of hair, it is ideal for this as the Wipe Clean Tuffie will look clean all the time.

The other type is the Tuffies Durasoft Mattress bed. This is a stronger version as it is made from 1,000 denier texturised Nylon and has a extra thick polyurethane coating on the reverse. The advantage of this one is that it seems more appealing to the dog because it is more like an upholstery fabric and therefore perceived as softer and warmer. Dogs that cast a lot of hair will end up with dog hair sticking to the Durasoft, but only very lightly and they are easily vacuumed off. Washing the Durasoft is as easy as the Wipe Clean Tuffie mattress, but you can’t towel dry it and you can’t wipe it over with a household surface cleaner, you need to wash these dog beds on a warm day so that you can leave them out to dry in the sun and wind. It only takes an hour on a nice day, though.

In terms of the flexibility, Tuffies offer a fabulous range of covers to add to the basic dog bed. So if you feel that some more warmth and cosyness is needed, maybe in the winter, you can find just the right cover for you and your dog. The thick, warm ones are the Luxury Fleece covers and the Fluffie Tuffie covers. The Luxury Fleece is by far the most popular one and there are more, new designs in the pipe line. This one can be used on both sides and washes beautifully in the washing machine. Most dogs will, given the choice, pick the mattress with the nice fleecy cover on.

You can also use one of the lighter, summery covers for the mattress dog beds. This gives the beds a new, fresh look and if you prefer cleaning by machine washing, it is an ideal way of keeping things looking great without the thick, warm pile on the cover. Dogs are different and some dogs are hotter than others. A Labrador usually has a great, warm coat and may even find your house a bit too warm, which will make him prefer a cooler bed arrangement, not with a thick pile. A skinny Whippet will always go for the warmer bed.

If you have dogs that love water and swimming, you will benefit from using the Wicking cover. This cover is made from a so called spacer fabric, which is used in off-road vehicle seats so you don’t feel clammy sitting in wet clothes. The same happens with the wet dog: The water from the dog’s coat goes through the fabric and wicks away from the dog, leaving the dog comfortable and off the wetness.