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Dog Beds for Working Dogs

Pet dogs taken for very long walks may also get extremely tired, but working dog take the edge. I have three working pointers and there is an extra dimension to their exertion. The pet dog that runs around is of course in essence “hunting” when it looks like it is just running about enjoying himself, but most pet dog breeds are not bred for their tenacity and endurance. They may like to meet other dogs in the park to play with or they might have the freedom to be let off the lead in the woods to have a hunt around, but often will they come back to you and walk for a while in between.

Working dogs, however, are exposed to very hard days, which they love. The working dogs are not only using their physiques, but their minds too, which is exhausting for them.

You take them out of their kennels in the morning where they have slept happily on their dog beds and are now feeling fresh and full of go for the day. For my pointers it is most often a case of driving for at least an hour, where they are too excited to make any use of their bespoke dog beds in the back of my truck. In the rear mirror I often notice that they are standing up on their Fleece covered dog beds in the back all the way. We get to the moor and they are bouncing in the truck. It can be difficult to keep them quiet driving up the hills, they are so excited. One day I must put a gps on one of them because it is astonishing how much they run and I wonder how many miles they actually cover.

Sometimes they have to work three days on the trot and although they take turns, they all walk the whole way and they are super alert all time.

Someone once told me, that he had a pointer for stalking and it had to sit totally quiet all day watching out for deer. It never moved an inch and when it returned home, it was so utterly exhausted it just fell on to its dog bed and slept for hours.

When I have worked with my dogs for the day, they no longer stand in the back to the vehicle, they all lie down on their thick, insulating and comfortable dog beds.

I was on the moor recently and the ‘keepers dog was straight in my vehicle, looking like it was very interested in the interior….