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Really Clean Dog Beds

We were having a little bit of a rant this morning. About, well, pooh. Here in the Tuffies office we were obviously talking about dog beds and about how to clean them. Or rather, WHETHER you clean them and how often. We are in a rural location and we got to talk about working dogs. In summary, not all working dogs have the romantic life we would like to associate with them.

My own working dogs live that romantic, idyllic life where they have their own private patio equipped with small individual kennels containing super insulating and comfortable dog beds in addition to dog beds placed out on the decking for sunny days. They have a large, fenced garden with a small part covered in woodland, where they have access to a little pond and plenty of grass to eat for their stomachs. All fencing is solid and the whole garden is covered on CCTV. The dogs get out every day, either for training, walking or for real work on grouse moors or other shooting situations.

Well, SOME working dogs are barely granted a dog bed. You do see some so called working dogs that are simply shut in a kennel with some straw and they rarely get out. Consequently they foul their own kennel and because they are so desperate to get out for walks, and WORK, they jump up and down in the kennels, covering themselves in the pooh.

I don’t like writing these little articles about dog beds and instead rant on about badly treated dogs, but really!! There are a lot of poor dogs out there, being neglected and badly treated. The cattle and sheep we use for food are treated better than SOME dogs.

In fact I LOVE looking after my dogs and i enjoy washing the dog beds so they are nice and clean and hygienic. The beauty of the beds that we sell here at Tuffies is that they are so easy to keep clean. The fleece covers come off and can go directly in the washing machine. If the waterproof dog bed underneath is dirty, then it can be scrubbed with hot, soapy water and rinsed, giving a nice, clean bed. But of course it starts with keeping your dog in reasonable conditions and not leave them shut in a kennel with no other option but to pooh in their own run.