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The dog beds are needed at the moment.

We have now hit the real signs of autumn and everyone has stopped worrying about their dogs  being too hot, it’s now time to think about having good warm dog beds.

It is amazing how cold it gets close to the floor, particularly at night when the central heating goes off. Most people appreciate this and get worried about the dogs in their dog beds. We see this in our sales and the concerns our customers show for their dogs.

It is important to choose the right dog beds for your particular hounds. If you have small  Jack Russells, they will probably need good, warm dog beds all year round as they have a relatively thin coat and the also love the outdoors, which means that they are often wet from their walks. Little Jack Russells often shiver and a deep nest would be great for them. Several of them, if they are friends, will huddle together in the deep, den-like nest and feel just grand. If they have been out rolling in the mud puddles or running through the wet grass, they will soon dry up in their own, shared body heat. If you have a very draughty house and want to give the little dogs some extra protection, nothing can beat our covered dog beds. We have a lovely sock for our nest beds and we also Tunnel Covers for the mattress beds.

On the other hand, if you have a big golden Retriever or even a Newfoundlander, he or she will probably prefer a mattress bed on the floor because these dogs usually have too much heat that they want to get rid off.

Choose the right dog beds for your dogs. If you have a big selection, a variety of dog beds will be necessary.