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Dogs Digging in their Dog Beds

Why do some dogs keep digging in their dog beds?

There can be several of reasons for that and almost all dogs will dig to some degree. One of the most common reasons is just a call from their natural instincts of creating a nest in their ancestry dens. When dogs used to live in burrows in the ground, they would simply dig around a little till they had got enough comfortable space to sleep. You can also see how they will do it in the grass if, for example. you have a garden with a bit of tall grass: your dogs might find a sunny spot in the grass and then dig a little nest dog bed to get out of the draught, yet lying in the warm sun.

Our Tuffies Nests satisfy exactly that need for enclosure and dogs LOVE these styles of dog beds. Often they will still have a bit of a dig around in the nest, but it is more just a habit.

Sometimes dogs dig simply because they don’t find their dog beds cosy enough and that should be a hint for the owner. If your dog seems to find it difficult to settle, lies down, gets up again only to dig and lie down, unsettled, he is probably wanting something a little cosier. At Tuffies we offer soft, fleecy covers for all our styles and this seems to be a great solution. Of course it also makes the dog beds easier to keep clean as you just take the fleecy covers off and wash them in the washing machine.

Some dogs do, however, have a reason for digging more than just a little comfort digging. This can be from pain frustration (like a sore tooth for example), pregnant bitches or phantom pregnancies or it can of course be the classic case of the dogs running through stingy nettles and getting very itchy. They then try to alleviate the itch by scratching.

The great thing is, that if the dogs eventually dig through the soft Tuffies cover, you can replace these dog bed covers at very little cost compared to having to buy a whole new bed.