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Beautiful Dog Beds

Obviously,at Tuffies, we aim to make the most durable and comfortable dog beds. We aim to find the perfect combination of what is the best for the dogs and what is easy to maintain and keep hygienic.

This is why we take in the BEST fabrics and get a lot of our fabrics made to our specifications instead of putting up with whatever we can buy, dirt cheap, off the shelf. It is frightening, when you are out looking for fabrics, how much bad quality there is for sale.

We also take huge care to make our dog beds as cosy and comfortable as possible and we try to educate dog owners about the dog bed world, seen from a dog’s perspective. What may look nice and fluffy to the human, may not be that comfortable to a dog.

However, when dog comfort, hygiene and durability has been taken care of, there is still one more thing to get right at Tuffies dog beds: Style and class and whether you think you have bought a BEAUTIFUL dog bed. We would like you to think you have and we make great effort to source good colours and to build our designs in a pleasing way.

When we stack all our dog beds up for sale at a show, at Crufts, for example, we see them all together with all the colours available and it looks incredibly smart. It does bring home, that we have made a dog bed range in just the right colours from the smallest fluffy dog bed to the largest giant dog beds.

Recently we have launched a number of new designs in the most comtemporary designs and this has been incredibly well received by our fans. We have taken the grey theme of interior design. At the moment grey and petrol or grey with a flash of red or lime is very in. We have got a grey check, grey with red swifts, plain grey and soon to come: Wild Storm, which is grey and petrol in large squares.

Wild Storm Luxury Fleece.

Wild Storm Luxury Fleece.

Dog beds that fit in beautifully in the house is a real pleasure.