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Dog beds for cars

Just got a new truck to transport my pointers. As always, it has a beautiful and enormous Tuffie dog bed in the back. It is a Wipe Clean Tuffie dog bed with a thick Fluffie Tuffie cover on it, which is easy to take off and put in the wash.  The Wipe Clean fabric is also fantastic because if it needs a bit of extra cleaning after the cover has been taken off, I can simply put it outside and scrub it down with hot, soapy water followed by a thorough rinse.

However, there is another thing to consider with a new car as I had a pretty bad experience in the past. I had a truck a few years ago and I had had it for a while, so it was a bit rusty and battered. The dogs were comfy, of course, on a similar dog bed as the ones we supply for trucks. I picked up my friend and I think we had five pointers and a Labrador in the back. I pulled in to a layby to sort something out and a chap in a Landrover pulled in too and jumped out. He said the back door of the truck had come down and was open. I can’t describe the gasp I felt when I realised that my dear Gollum was missing. He had fallen out on the road when the door suddenly sprang open as I was driving and nowhere to be seen. The other dogs sat on the dog bed, which gives a good grip so at least no more was going to slide out.

We drove back, tracing our steps and drove for over 10 miles. I stopped every passing car to ask if they had seen a dog, but no. I gave everyone my phone number in hope. At last, the phone rang. It was a man, who used to work on an estate where I had worked Gollum. He had been driving along and seen a bemused and bewildered German Wirehaired Pointer and thought “That is Gollum”.

He stopped and begged Gollum in to his car. I am sure Gollum did not worry about the lack of bespoke shaped dog beds in the back of the vehicle as it must have been nice to be with somebody at least. Mike called and boy, was I happy? I had honestly prepared myself for a dead or dying dog.

I took him in my car and luckily I had Metacalm with me. He only had a little cut on his shoulder and his bum, so he must had spread the impact. He was pleased to get back on his dog bed in my car and he never seemed to have suffered any harm.

Hardy old boy.