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My Dog Died from Eating Corn on the Cob

Every morning, the first thing i do when i get up is to go into my kitchen and greet my dogs. They all sleep in seperate crates with bespoke Tuffie mattress beds and are usually all sound asleep when i open the door. At first i thought this was just like any other morning, but when i opened the kitchen door i got a strange whiff coming from our Five year old Spannish rescue dog Myrtles crate. The poor girl had been sick all over her dog bed. I let her outside and followed her out with the bed in hand. Luckily i had chosen the wipe clean material . The Wipe Clean dog bed is easy to clean with hot soapy water. As the day progressed we could see that Myrtle was not feeling that great she wasn’t eating, was very quiet and generally off colour. I was so glad that i had a durasoft tuffie nest for her to snuggle in to.  We decided to give her the day and if she was no better in the morning we would take her to the vet.

The next day Myrtle wouldnt move at all off her dog bed, she wouldnt eat and we had to carry her outside so she could go to the toilet. So off to the vets we went. The vet did a scan and blood tests she was sent home with a clear bill of health. This continued two more days with return visits to the vets and no real indication of a problem. We knew however, that there was something far from right as our usual crazy Spannish senorita was so sad, she still hadn’t eaten and we were extremely worried.

The next day we returned to the vet and they could now see that there was clearly something wrong. They asked for our permission to do exploratory surgery to see if the could find something that hadn’t shown on the scan they did days before.Of course we agreed.

We waited and waited at home for a few hours looking at her lovely dog bed that was empty, wondering what was happening. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime the phone rang. Unfortunately or lovely, lively, sweet friend had passed away. Upon opening her up they found two pieces of a corn on the cob core, they had been in her stomach for months floating up and down and eventually they had “petrified”, and acted like a cork in her gut. Her stomach was so badly damaged that they had to remove a part, it had also caused a blood clot which they had removed but in the end she was just not strong enough and passed away on the table.

We were not sure how she managed to get the corn cob, i suspect our Labrador Helga had jumped up on the kitchen counter and knocked it on to the floor. Myrtle being Myrtle always thought anything on the floor was fair game so we never even knew it hadn’t been thrown in the bin.

Huge lesson learnt, i never thought a corn cob could cause so much heartache.