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  • My Dog is Chewing his Dog Beds

    Dogs chew their dog beds for many different reasons. Boredom, Anxiety, Loneliness, Discomfort, Insufficient exercise, Insufficient mental stimulation, Habit, Copycat behaviour, To relieve itchy sore gums as puppies wh..
  • Comfy dog beds.

    At last it looks like we have one dog that is not getting wound up about passers by. In all the time we have lived here with our dogs, it has been a set, daily pass time (or sport more like) to go nuts when a cyclist rid..
  • Bespoke Dog Beds

    If you like nice things, you will probably like the idea of your dog beds fitting beautifully in to whatever space you have allocated to your dogs. Especially if you have opted and invested in one of our top quality dog ..
  • Must be the Luxury Dog Beds

    Here is Pontus, he won his Puppy Class and came second in the Novice class at our Working test last weekend.It must be partly due to the training and partly due to the lovely waterproof dog beds that they have. LOL. I..
  • Dog Beds for Very Large Breeds

    Time and time again, we receive the most wonderful testimonials both as emails or accompanied by pictures. This is because our customers get so very pleased finally to have a dog bed that lasts. The problem with the very..
  • Post surgery dog beds

    Hopefully one would not be needing perfect post surgery dog beds very often, but when your dog has had an operation, it is very important that you get the right firmness and comfort for the time when the dog recovers aft..
  • Luxury Dog Beds

    When you think of "Luxury Dog Beds" you might not think of dog beds for travelling, but more of fluffy, padded and overly ornate dog beds. But in a way good travel dog beds are a luxury, because in reality a lot of dogs ..
  • The Best Dog Beds for Sale UK

    The best dog beds are the ones that suit your specific needs AND are made in top quality. Here at Tuffies we make everything in top quality and then we provide our customer care to advise which type would suit your ne..
  • Woolly Dog Beds

    We have been offered some delicious, fluffy off-cuts from local cashmere and woollen mills. It's still sitting here in the office as we have been too busy getting round to make use of it. Our Tuffies dog beds are famous ..
  • Dog Beds for Small Breeds

    We have, due to countless requests, started to move in to the area of making dog beds for  small breeds. Tuffies has a reputation of making first class waterproof dog beds for large breeds, but we are increasingly asked..