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Selling Dog Beds at Scone Game Fair

The year has come round again and the work shop is busy preparing for the next game fair, which is the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Scottish Fair at Scone Palace in Perth-shire. We take our dog beds there every single year and it is the most fantastic fair. It is a real Goldilocks fair: not too big and not too small. To be honest we don’t sell a huge amount of dog beds because it is almost as if the market is saturated in that place where the same people re-visit the fair. Sooo many people walk past our stand and shout “Hey Tuffies!! I have several of your beds, they are the best dog beds in the world!” and then walk on. We don’t mind, it’s a fantastic accolade for our brand and just because we don’t get all the waterproof dog beds off the van over the three days, we are happy to be there and to see our customers/friends. Obviously it is worthwhile to be there and we can pay off the stand.

Luise talking to customers in game fair stand

We always have exactly the same stand under a humongous Sycamore tree quite close to the scurry ring. We have the same neighbours each year and they always get the barbecue going as they sell outdoor camping and bush-living gear. They have all the latest and best for the camping. They might have the latest and best in camping outfits, but at the end of the day, we sleep on our waterproof dog beds in the stand and we have a great night. In fact, there have been occasions where other stand holders have forgotten to bring their own mattresses and have asked us for a loan and they have come back delighted the next morning saying the they had the “best sleep ever”. Well, how do you think the dogs feel? They have our luxury dog beds every single night and many a snoozy afternoon too.

Light my fire campers in the wood

The scurry is a great entertainment for the show and it rakes in money for the GWCT charity. We can see it from our stand and there is always a long queue of people waiting to have a go with their dogs. We sponsor the Scurry every day with our best dog beds as prizes and although it costs £3 to enter your dog for just one run, the Tuffies dog bed prize is clearly part of the incentive for trying. You can see how people get close to winning in the end and try to enter their dog several times in order to be the final winner. It all helps the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust with funds, so that is a good result.

Spaniel retrieving dummy at scurry.

See you there, we will be on Pheasant Roe.