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Dirt on your Dog Beds

When it comes to keeping dog beds clean, there are many kinds of dirt to consider before you decide what to buy or how to get it clean. You can have the wet, dirty paws, that, if you have a lovely cream coloured cover on your bed, will go all dirty in no time. It is a matter of being sensible with the colour when you choose your dog beds. If you know that, in the winter you will be letting your dogs straight in from the garden, where they have churned just small areas up into mud (or been digging holes, hahaha…. grrrrr…..), then you know that you will have those nice, clean dog beds transformed into rather unsightly ones very quickly. Let’s face it, there is no magic here and there are no SELF CLEANING DOG BEDS in this world. We all simply have to manage dirt and make sure we can clean stuff when it gets dirty. So although we sell waterproof dog beds and very practical and easy to wash covers, I always put a towel inside the door so that all three dogs walk across it when they come in, which nicely absorbs 90% of the mud. When they proceed to their sleeping places, they are now not making the floor dirty, but of course there is a little bit of mud in-between their toes. When they settle down and scratch and go round and round, more of this dirt comes off and goes on the beds. With practical covers this is ok because every two to four weeks I take the covers off and each time I am astonished how much dust there is on the bed. Looking at the dust I am effectively looking at dried up muddy paw-prints. I simply put the covers in the washing machine and take the waterproof dog beds out side for a good soaping down and a rinse. Once everything is dry, there is a lovely smell in the house, back to dog free house. It is so easy because the thick dog beds don’t have to go in the washing machine in their entirety, they simply hose down.

 Lady hosing the soapy water off a dog bed

Dog hairs on the beds?  Yes, well that is another thing that you can’t prevent, but you can manage. Some dogs never shed hairs while others are constantly shedding piles of it. You will see the hairs on the floor where you easily vacuum them up and if you choose the right brand, you will also easily vacuum them off the dog bedsBrown dog sleeping in a brown bed. So on a day to day basis it is easy to keep the beds looking nice if you go over them with the hoover when you do the floor anyway. Again, be sensible and get a colour or a pattern so that the colour of your dogs’ hairs don’t stand out too much from the bed.

Greasy treats on the dog beds? If you give your dogs greasy treats to enjoy on their beds, you will see the marks there. We sell a light grey waterproof Durasoft bed and it has to be said that if you give a lot of greasy treats to the dogs, you will find the covers looking tatty. Best colour for that would be black or navy. Really messy treats are best kept outside!!!!!