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Kennel Dog Beds for Spring.

Last week we spoke about the best dog beds to have in the garden for spring and summer when the dogs enjoy being outside, but may get chilled with draught. The Raised dog beds with sides are ideal for a sunny, but windy corner of the garden where the dog would like to lounge. I certainly know that my dogs love to be outside, where they can keep a strict eye on passing cyclists (which MUST be barked at and chased successfully away). They love being high up and off the ground with padded sides for shelter and warmth while they can still keep an eye on everything and get some sunshine on their bodies.

However, almost all dogs are inside at night either in the kennel or in the house. Looking at kennel beds, it is again important to be aware of the time of year and the condition of the dog. Dogs with really big, thick coats would be perfectly happy with simple, waterproof dog beds where they can be protected from the harsh floor inside the kennel, whilst cool enough to be comfortable if the summer nights get very hot. Draught is a funny thing because if it is cold and damp, a draught can result in the sleeping area becoming unbearably cold and unhealthy with all sorts of complications for the dog. We have to be extremely vigilant with these sort of things because when we go and see our dog in the morning, it will be bouncing up and down, pleased to see us, he will never go:”Actually, mum, I was flipping cold all night, is there anything you can do? Maybe some better dog beds???” We have to empathise and guess. We have to adjust the sleeping area, doors and dog beds according to the dog, the time of year and the temperature. Giving your dogs the CHOICE has to be the best way to make sure they are comfortable, so it might be a good idea to bite the bullet and get BOTH mattress dog beds without any covers on AND the nest type kind of dog beds for perfect draught exclusion. You could put the mattress bed out in the outdoor part of the kennel, where it is still covered for rain, but where a hot dog can go and cool off. If you also have the nice nests inside, they have the choice.

For best results, you must always try and study your dog’s behaviour so you can guess what he is thinking.

There is no doubt that some dog beds are literally appalling and whether your dog is trying to be warm or simply just padded, the beds are so thin that they will not lie flat nor provide any support. Go for top quality dog beds and invest in the best. It pays off in the long term, also with respect to the long term health of your dog.